Winning at Online Casinos

Blog Post-Winning at Online Casinos Is There a Science or System to It

Online casinos consist of games of chance and games of skill. Examples of games of chance are video slots, roulette, and crap, while games of skill are poker and blackjack. For centuries, gamblers have asked, “Is there a science or system of winning at online casinos?” The answer is an ongoing debate, whether you’re playing in an online or a land-based casino.

Here are some things to know so that we can answer the question.

Mathematics in Winning at Online Casinos

Mathematics in Winning at Online Casinos

All casino games involve mathematics, particularly the probability of success. Yes, you can compute the number of times a winning symbol can appear in all slots games.

However, the computation becomes complicated that it’s quite tricky to remember it, especially for ordinary gamers. A math wiz might even give up on it.


Game developers use a random number generation system. This system is another complicated process that often favors casino owners than casino players.

Let’s assume you know the probability of winning a symbol in a slot game. The question is, do you know the exact moment when that winning symbol appears on your screen? Do you know how many times it will appear in a set?

We thought so. You don’t know. You only know that 1 out of 1000 combinations is the winning symbol. This symbol may appear now, tomorrow, or the next week.


Edge adds to the complication of finding the perfect system of winning in online casino games. Again, this edge favors the casinos. A higher house edge means the player losses more.

However, casinos have to use an acceptable percentage. Otherwise, online casino players will never come back. This part is where marketing enters, but we’re not going to discuss that here.


Strategy in Winning at Online Casinos

Science is a system. A strategy is a system of processes. But is a game strategy a science? Unfortunately, a game strategy isn’t a science or mathematics. Sometimes, you’ll need numerical computations to come up with strategies. But, it’s not science.

The point is the non-existence of a specific strategy or “system” to winning at casinos.

When we talk about strategies, they don’t pertain to learning how the mathematics behind the game. It’s learning how to control yourself when gambling. We talk about strategies to lessen losses.

The Answer in Winning at Online Casinos

So, let’s answer the classic question. Is there a science to winning at casinos? Yes, it does because casino games involve mathematics.

However, you can’t beat it because of the factor of randomness and edge. You can use these two factors to decide whether to play a casino game or not.

These two factors are the reasons why games of slots, roulette, and games of dice are pure games of chance. You never know when a winning symbol appears.