Ice pirates


If you enjoy pirates, you definitely will like the Ice Pirates slot machine. It’s a high-class standard slot game based on the much loved movie franchise. Jack Sparrow, a wealthy young man with a flair for adventure (and a big ship to boot), is the star of this casino game. The lady pirate is the bad one who constantly rescues the victim from the burning ice icebergs. This game depicts one of the most famous themes in the movies, and has become something of an icon in its own right.

The Ice Pirates slots game has two distinctive icons: the skull and the polar bear. At the start of each of these reels, there are four symbols that move around the screen in a clockwise motion. When these symbols reach the other end, they stop. Moving from side to side, the icons rotate clockwise and can reach any direction on the screen. When they pass through the last three symbols on the screen, they stop completely, and a new set of symbols begin to spin in place of the previous four.

The Ice Pirates bonus round is where you can really get your teeth chewed. Once all the reels have stopped and the symbols have rotated, a random number is drawn. This number is added up (to the nearest whole number) and used to determine the next symbol to be spun during the bonus round, along with the animation sequence of the icons on the screen.