Alkemors Tower


Alkemors Tower, also known as Casino West is one of the most commonly played slots in a casino. It is part of the Diamond Line of slot machines. According to numbers of players looking for it, Alkemors Tower isn’t exactly a popular slot. Still, that does not mean it is bad, so why not give it a go and see if you like it, or read other popular casino games.

The Alkemors Tower has an interesting history. The name comes from an English term meaning “wild oats”. In the year 1490, King Edward I of England gave a tax grant to Sir Walter Ralegh who was the governor of the town of Alton in the west of England. The tax was to cover expenses relating to conquering the Low Countries and it also allowed Ralegh to build the famous Alton Towers which is still standing. It is said that the king would often send for reinforcements from Alton to bolster his chances of winning at the gaming table. Since the tax man never came back, the local citizens built what is now the Alkemors Tower.

At one time the game was only played for two hours at a time, but modern casino technology allows Alkemors Tower to be played for four and a half hours at a time. The Alkemors Tower features a total of eight reels, each featuring a different game. There are also bonus reels that can be played after you win your first spin. You can win bonuses, double your money, get coins and win real money. If you play the game long enough, you can even win the jackpot!